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Pupils are expected to have the required books, school journal, copies and other necessary equipment when they return to school in August. Students who do not have the necessary books may be asked to remain at home until they rectify the situation.
Books (covered) and copies should be maintained in good order and free of graffiti etc.
Students who come to school without books and other equipment are seriously disadvantaged. They cannot follow lessons, cannot do their homework and often interfere with other pupils’ teaching and learning.

Students should not dispose of previous year’s books in particular in 1st, 2nd and 5th year without checking with their teacher and book list that they no longer need them. Many books in those years need to be retained.



The School Journal and fees for practical subjects are payable only through the school office any day.

Good quality second hand books are available at half price from Budget books, Clontarf, ph. 8335839. Free delivery.

NB Some book prices may change as prices were not available at time of print.