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General Guidelines on Key Assignments

Q. What are key assignments?
A. They are a number of learning experiences that have been selected from the module as being of key importance. Key assignments plus 90% attendance are a minimum requirement to obtain credit for a module.

Q. Where can the key assignments be found?
A. They are printed at the end of each module.

Q. How many key assignments are there?
A. Four for each module.

Q. What standard is required of key assignments?
A. It is required that the key assignments be ‘satisfactorily completed’. They should show the individual student’s participation in the learning experience and should be completed to the best of the learner’s ability but are not judged in terms of marks or grades.

Q. Can I write my own key assignments?
A. No.

Q. Do students have to do all of the key assignments?
A. Yes, all four key assignments must be completed by each student.

Q. Can key assignments be included in tasks?
A. Yes they can be extended to form part of a task. LCA tasks require a minimum of 10 hours activity and are therefore much greater than a key assignment.

Q. How are key assignments assessed?
A. Key assignments form part of the assessment of module completion. In order to obtain credit for a module the student must satisfactorily complete all 4 key assignments and provide evidence of them. In addition to this the student must have at least 90 % attendance for that module.

Key Assignments

Q. What type of evidence can be presented?
A. Evidence of key assignments can be presented in a variety of forms e.g. written, visual, artefacts, photographs, video/DVD, audio, etc.

Q. When are key assignments assessed?
A. Each session credits are given for modules which have been satisfactorily completed based on both attendance and evidence of key assignments for the specific module.

Q. How many credits are given for key assignments?
A. Both key assignments and attendance are taken into account for module credits. Modules from courses with a final examination are worth 1 credit while non-examination courses/modules are worth 2 credits.

Q. Do key assignments need to be stored for a particular length of time?
A. Yes, first until the appeals process for the relevant session is over.

Evidence of key assignments are also required for LCA programme inspections. They must be stored safely until the student has finished the 2 years.

Finally LCA students use their key assignments to revise and prepare for final examinations.

Please Note:

Evidence of Satisfactory Completion of Modules (student attendance record for the specific module & student evidence of each of the key assignments) must be available for inspection by Department of Education & Science until the final date for appeals in Session 4. The evidence for each session must be kept until the individual student has completed the two years of the programme and the final result for all sessions has been issued.