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The school through its staff provides a very wide range of activities for students. These activities offer students opportunities to partake in events which we value in the overall teaching, training and development we provide.
These events also allow for the range of talents and abilities which are inherent in the student population:



Gaelic Football at 14, 16, 18 years – Inter school leagues

Soccer: 14, 16 & 18 years



The above are provided for boys and girls

Rugby , Junior and Senior Boys

Junior Hurling

Camogie for girls

Swimming: We enter for galas and competitions

Athletics & Cross-Country – for boys and girls. We have achieved great success in these areas.

Sports Day


• The school choir performs at major school events such as Graduation, Christmas Carol Services, Masses and other religious services.

Musicals: We established an excellent tradition performing school Musicals,under the direction of Ms. G. Kyne and Ms. Ann Kelly. In 2012, we staged a suberb production of ‘Grease’ in the school hall, followed up in 2013 by Showstoppers These shows were fantastic successes.

Competitions: We enter a variety of public competitions – historical, artistic, business, musical etc.

Short story and poetry competitions are promoted. Prizes are sponsored by the Parents’ Association. Our school magazine Class Act provides opportunities for creative writing and competitions.

Young Scientist: We have had wonderful success in this event having in the past been awarded the trophy for the best overall school.

Young Entrepreneurs: We organise a trade fair before Christmas. We encourage and promote links with local industries.

Cultural activities and opportunities are provided through our French
Exchange Programme to Bordeaux, visits to theatre, films, Art Exhibitions, Art Workshops, Drama Workshops and Cultural Centres etc. There are also week-ends in the Gaeltacht, an Irish Club, quiz competitions and dance programme.

• Many activities are offered to Transition Year students e.g. fencing, dance, yoga, first aid, film making, song school, theatre production and outdoor pursuits.

Green schools promotes environmental issues

Gaisce encourages students to face new challenges and learn new skills.

• The Maths club provides weekly support for students in Maths

Tours, Outings, Field Trips

1. At the start of the school year, students from Transition Year will spend time at an
OutdoorPursuits Centre (overnight stay).

2. French Exchange: Fifth Year and Transition Year students of French are encouraged to avail of the school’s link with Lycée Montesquieu in Bordeaux. This exchange is very worthwhile and has become very popular. Irish students stay with French families for ten days and then host French students in their homes in Ireland also for ten days.

3. Second Year students go on a 2-3 day trip usually on the February mid-term.

4. The Leaving Certificate Applied Classes have field trips and outings as part of their curriculum.

5. Leaving Certificate students of Geography, Biology, Art and Religious Studies also
spend a day on field trip work. These trips and analysis of the work done form the basis of questions in their Leaving Certificate exam.

6. Music students attend events in the Concert Hall, the Helix, the O2 etc. as part of their music programme.

7. There are many other day trips and outings organised by teachers as part of the
curriculum e.g. History visits to Museums, Cinema and Theatre visits for films and plays, science field trips, and personal development days at outside venues.

8. Senior Cycle Students are facilitated to attend:

(a) Higher Options Day for 3rd level choices in the RDS
(b) Fás Careers Day

N.B. There is no need for your son/daughter to lose valuable school time attending open days at a range of universities or PLC course centres as the above two listed outings cover all options available.
Many institutions have open days at weekends or evenings so students may visit without interfering with school time.

9. Personal Development Days are organised for Senior Cycle Students. They are a valuable
source of spiritual and moral guidance and advice. The cost of these days is included in the Sports and Social contribution.

10. Art students regularly visit Art Galleries and Exhibitions.

11. All 1st year students visit the Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS every year.


Behaviour on Outings, Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

Should your child be going on any outing they will be required to


(a) Have a consent form signed by you.

(b) Unless otherwise told students will be expected to wear full uniform.

(c) Be courteous and cooperative at all times to school staff and other adults they come in contact with.

(d) Accept that school rules apply.

(e) Be aware of the risk of accidents as a result of silly behaviour.


For major tours or outings the co-ordinating teacher will hold a meeting to brief the parents involved.
We have an excellent record of behaviour and co-operation from our students who have travelled away on trips or sporting outings.


Teacher Involvement:

The lists of extra-curricular activities, tours and outings are an indication of the commitment of the staff of the school to providing a wide range of educational and sporting opportunities to our students. Teachers do this in their own time and without payment.

The school community is greatly indebted to their generous commitment of time and expertise. The extensive extra curricular programme greatly enhances your child’s experience in Hartstown Community School. The Board of Management acknowledges the hours of voluntary work done by teachers in order to enrich the child’s overall experience.