Guidance and Counselling

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Ms. N. Clince, Mr. A. Keane and Mr. E. Brady and Ms. E. O’Regan are school Counsellors. The role of the counsellor is to support students who are in need of personal counselling.

The Guidance Counsellors are Ms. N.Clince, Mr. E. Brady & Ms. E. O’Regan.
They help students with choices and decision making regarding education and careers.

The philosophy of this school is to be as supportive, helpful and informative as possible to parents and students. The Principal, Deputy Principals, Year Heads and Chaplain support the work of the counsellors. They are available to talk to students and parents.

Guidance is provided through taught classes, organised activities and individual consultations. Students are shown how to access information on third level courses, entry requirements, maintenance grants and scholarships. If parents wish to meet the counsellors they should phone the school office to make an appointment.

Parents should be aware that the HSE provides a number of support services which can be accessed through the G.P.

The Guidance department in the school seeks to help students with all aspects of their development as they progress towards the Leaving Certificate. The guidance counsellors are there to direct and advise students either on an individual basis or in a class group. The Guidance Programme covers the following areas:


Educational Guidance:
– motivation and direction of students
– subjects, level and course choices
– psychological testing
– study skills and examination techniques
– counselling for learning problems


Career Guidance:
– learners information management
– pathways to vocational education training, post Leaving Certificate courses/further education etc.
– pathways to higher and technical education
– decision-making skills and planning skills
– unemployment coping skills
– job search skills, interviews, work experience, mock interviews
– aptitude, intelligence, interest testing
– employment opportunities, awareness
– career information


Personal Guidance:
– personal and social programmes


– individual and group counselling is available to all students

Information Management:


Information will be made available to all students in the following ways:
– class/group work
– computer access
– careers’ library
– visiting speakers
– college open days
– work place visits
– exhibitions
– parents meetings