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Parents Association

Hartstown Community School has an active Parents’ Association. The Annual General Meeting takes place in October and the committee meets regularly throughout the year.
Through the Parents’ Association, parents can

  • have a voice on the Board of Management.
  • have a say in the development of school policies
  • raise issues of concern
  • support the school in practical ways.

Enda Troy and Jacinta Burns are the representatives on the Board of Management.
If you are interested in being involved with or supporting the work of the association in any way, please contact Mr. John Bean, Principal.
The Association is affiliated to the recognised parent body PACCS. For more information on PACCS and on the work of Parents’ Associations you should visit their website at


Parents: Partners in Education

Students, parents and teachers are partners in the education process. This partnership is based on mutual respect and support and an appreciation that parents are the prime educators of their children.

We encourage parents to be involved with, and to keep regular contact with the school so that by working together in the best interests of our students we can fulfil the aims of our Mission Statement.
As Year Heads and teachers are teaching classes most of the time it is advisable to make an appointment. However, if a parent has a serious or urgent concern he/she should contact the school and a meeting will be arranged as soon as possible.

We, the staff & management, pride ourselves for our caring and supportive role. The school and its education partners (parents, students and staff) are widely recognised as providing a positive and safe learning environment which can only be maintained by all of us working together for the good of our student population.

You deserve our best efforts and our professional commitment to help the students of Hartstown Community School to achieve their potential. We wish to teach and care for all our students in an environment of peace and harmony where students and teachers feel safe and secure. Very disruptive students, after support, advice, counselling, parent visits etc. will be referred to the Board of Management.

The rights of the majority to be taught in an environment which is conducive to good teaching and learning will always be protected.