Protocols for Student Support

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List of Support Agencies


  • If you are concerned about your son/daughter’s welfare you should not hesitate to consult Health Professionals and Support Agencies.
  • Contact your Local Doctor (GP) immediately.
  • Contact Accident and Emergency (A and E) in Blanchardstown Hospital and bring your son/daughter there (01) 6466250 (Your GP may make a referral if appropriate). Blanchardstown general hospital is (01) 6465000
  • Hospital Information number  is 1850241850
  • Contact Pieta House (01) 6010000 in Lucan for specialised counselling support for those who may be engaged in self-harm or have suicidal thoughts
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS ) Castleknock (01) 7782120
  • Contact Jigsaw Blanchardstown, (01) 8905810 (Situated in Blanchardstown Library) who provide mental health support for young people (aged 12-25)
  • Blanchardstown Primary Care Centre Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (Behind Draiocht) (01) 8297233 contact reception (8.30-9.00) on the morning of the clinic to register. (First Tuesday of every month (9.00-12.30) – Psychology Advice Centre)
  • Contact Teen Counselling Blanchardstown (01) 6232594
  • Contact help-line numbers which are available in the Student Journal. Currently on page 22 of the school journal. (Some of these agencies offer 24 hours listening support on the phone, or respond by email or text to the person who may be in distress eg. (Samaritans 1850609090) TXT(087)2609090
  • With-out being confrontational, if you have any concerns about sharp objects, tablets or anything else that may cause someone to come to harm you should quietly remove these to a safer location
  • HSE (01) 8976805/ 8605801


(Please contact us if you need any additional help HCS (01) 8207863)