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School Time-tabled Week

Over the past number of years there have been increasing demands on schools to introduce a range of courses / programmes to educate young people on such issues as substance abuse, information technology, education in sexuality and citizenship. New programmes such as CSPE, SPHE, Pastoral Care and Computer Studies have been introduced.
Our timetable week of 40 class periods allows us to meet these needs.


Students should be in school at 8.40am

8.44 amAssembly
8.52 amTutorial
9.00 amClass12.40 pmClass
9.40 amClass1.20 pmClass
10.20 amClass2.00 pmClass
11.00 amClass 2.40 pmClass
11.40 amLunch (1 Hour) 3.20 pmFinish



• Please note the earlier lunch time.

• Some option classes at senior cycle are held at 8.10am or at lunch time. Students are informed well in advance and it is part of their time table.

• Classes in Russian, Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian take place on Wed. at 3.40p.m.

• Classes in Applied Maths for 5th & 6th yr. students take place at 8.00a.m. on appointed mornings.


N.B. Students must be in school at 8.40 am in order to be ready for Assembly at 8.44 am and at 12.35 p.m. for first class after lunch. There are sanctions for late coming. On any given morning about 1,000 students come to school on time and 20 students come late. Is your child one of the 98% who come on time or one of the 2% who are late?