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Hartstown Dec (18)Student Council

There is an active Student Council. Classes at Junior Cycle elect their class representatives and work closely with the mentoring group of students from fifth year, seven of whom form the Student Council for the year. Issues of interest and concern are raised by students in discussions held in their C.S.P.E. classes and following several meetings these are prioritised by students and are brought directly to the attention of the management of the school. Meetings are held with the Principal and the Parents’ Association.

The support of Management, Staff and the Parents’ Association is much appreciated and we are looking forward to continued good work by the students.



Student Mentoring Programme

Many senior cycle students volunteer their time and get involved in a programme of student mentoring.The programme is of great value to the school, and offers great personal development for the students involved.

The following are some of the activities operating under the programme.

Fifth year students act as mentors to the following projects:

• Homework / Study Support group for students.
• Paired reading with students who need help with reading.
• First Year Mentoring: – under Pastoral Care and tutor system.
• Parent Teacher Meetings
• Extra Curricular Activities
• Public Relations group – work with local newspapers and radio