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Student Leadership in Hartstown Community School

Hartstown Community School provides many opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills. Our student leaders have the potential to influence the school environment by becoming advocates for positive change in our school community. There are many benefits to both our school and our student leaders. Our school leaders for 2023-2024 include Sports Captain and Ambassadors, Student Wellbeing Leaders, Student Learner Leaders and Arts and Social Leaders. In addition to these roles, we have Treoraí  from Transition Year who mentor first year students and Cinnirí who are 5th and 6th Year school leaders.


In Hartstown Community School a Cinnire is a student from 5th and 6th Year who has been given a trustee type responsibility within our school. Those appointed as Cinnire have demonstrated their leadership within the school body. They are chosen as they have the qualities deemed necessary to undertake a leadership role in our school.

The Cinnirí have given a commitment to embody the culture and ethos of our school. They have a responsibility to contribute to our school in addition to setting a positive example to other students attending our school.

The Cinnire Team

Ard Cinnirí – Alex Bailey and Maeve Fernandez

Cinnire- Holly Abbey, Leo Galvin, Amy Dowling, Callum Hutchings, Casey Ward, Anamaria Elekes, Ema Ziedaite, Leyla Catibusic

 Our Ard- Cinirí are sixth Year students Alex Bailey and Maeve Fernandez


The Treoraí are Transition Year students who respond to the needs of our 1st Year students. We want our 1st Year students to feel welcome and cared for in our school. The transition from primary to post-primary can be challenging for some students and Treoraí are central to fostering a safe and friendly environment for all our 1st Year students.

The Treoraí applied and were interviewed for their role. The successful applicants received leadership training recently and will begin to work with the 1st Year students, organising events which help them to settle into their first year in Hartstown Community School.

The Treoraí Team for 2023-2024 are:

Eifel Boifacio, Amina Adnan, Tara Bjegovic, Brooke Cunningham, Ellie McDade, Goda Skackobaraite, Laoise O Reilly, Chloe Kilmartin, Georgia Valentine, Lily McKenna, Sophie Martin, Alannah Cawley, Hannah Mai Knowles, Intisaar Ahmed Nuur

We have several leadership positions which were open for application from all year groups.

Sports Captain and Ambassadors

Our Sports Captain for 2023-2024 is Amy Devoy. She will be assisted in her leadership role by three Sport Ambassadors, Erin Stynes, Sean Pesca and Senan Stynes. Their focus for this year will be the promotion of sport in our school, in addition to organising sporting events and liaising with teachers involved in extracurricular activities in our school.

Sports Captain Amy Devoy
Sports Captain Amy Devoy

Student Wellbeing Leaders

The Student Wellbeing Leaders will lead initiatives which prioritise the wellbeing of our student body. They will work in partnership with teachers who run events which focus on mental health and the holistic education of our students. The Student Wellbeing Leaders are Julia Burek, Emma Galvin, Marian Nguidjol and Nadine Binas.

Student Learner Leaders

The Student Learner Leaders will work in conjunction with the school’s Teaching and Learning Committee. They are responsible for presenting the student’s perspective on how they learn most effectively and they will lead initiatives which focus on this area of their education. The Student Learner Leaders are Lily Ashe, Adar Mohammed, Melissa Lekweuwe and Seairra Cashin Williams.

Arts and Social Leaders

The Arts and Social Leaders will promote the arts in Hartstown Community School. They will work with many subject departments, in particular Art, Music and English. They will introduce initiatives which focus on the culture of our school, celebrating festivals and contributing to our school spirit also. Our Arts and Social Leaders are Allanah Moriarty, Mia Mu Yan Cai, Lavinia Palade and Ryan Kershaw.