135 Hartstown CS students begin Third Level Education.

HCS / News / 135 Hartstown CS students begin Third Level Education.

135 graduates of Hartstown Community School began their third level studies in last September.  When fee-paying schools are excluded, only three schools in Dublin sent more students to third level this year than Hartstown.

Some students have begun apprenticeships and others have entered the workforce.  We wish all our 2017 graduates well on the next stage of their journey.  We thank the parents for putting their trust in us.

The board of management acknowledges the dedication and commitment of the teaching staff and the team of Special Needs Assistants who worked to ensure that students who wanted to go on to third level education could achieve their ambition.

We also acknowledge the role of the secretaries, caretakers and other ancillary staff in creating and supporting an environment in the school where young people can thrive and achieve their potential.