TY final run with Michael Fennelly

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TY final Run

For the final run for the couch to 5K we had a guest speaker Michael Fennelly coming in to us to talk about health/fitness and also help us with the run. Michael Fennelly is an Irish Hurler who plays in the Kilkenny hurling team. He has won 3 GAA All-star awards, 8 All-Irelands, 6 Kilkenny titles and 5 NHL titles. Michael Fennelly has been described as one of Kilkenny’s most important players. Michael Fennelly also is a positive role-model and has a passion for nutrition Michael even said himself he wants nutrition knowledge to be thought in schools he also believes physical education in schools should be a greater priority. Michael Fennelly also says “children need to be taught what’s good to eat and what’s not because our diet will determine what kind of a life we fulfil – a healthy one or a one of prolonged health problems”. Michael Fennelly came into out to our Transition Year group to talk to us about nutrition and health and also helped us with our run. The couch to 5K was a great experience for the transition year and everybody had a great time stepping forward into a life well-being and knowledge in nutrition and exercise.

Written by Bridget Kabouet and Patricia Furdui