5th Year Ski Trip 2017

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The Ski trip to Bormio in Italy was hands down the best holiday I have ever been on in my life. What made it great was getting to try something new and being with friends and making new ones. I have never been skiing before and I discovered that it was quite the challenge, but a fun one. It was hilarious trying to get the hang of it when you keep falling and sliding all over the place. It is the best fun to have with other people. We had amazing ski instructors that made the whole experience worthwhile, they made sure there were no accidents and that everyone was doing what they were meant to. Ski school was very much like being in school back home, they were strict on being on time and not having any late comers much like school but minus the late stamps. I have had the best time with the best group of people. There was no drama, everyone got on brilliantly and had the best laugh. When I signed up to go on the trip I knew some people but not a lot. I had planned to go with my best friend and figured it was just going to be us together for the holiday. But I was proved wrong, we met so many amazing people and now they are definitely life-long friends. Obviously this trip of a life-time wouldn’t have gone ahead without our amazing teachers and on behalf of everyone I would like to say ‘THANK YOU!’ to Mr. Kevlihan, Mr. Farrell, Ms. Goff and Mr. Kane. They were the best people to go away with, throughout the whole trip they made sure everyone was having a great time and having it safely. It’s safe to say that we have all made memories with them that we will keep forever. If there is an opportunity for people to go on a trip like this one, I highly recommend it. It’s the one thing I will never forget about my secondary school experience.

Kelle Burns.