College Awareness week 2018

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College awareness 

Guidance counsellors are making all 6th year students aware of all open days which are happening at present, students are being encouraged to attend these open days at the weekend.

The entire 6th year group are visiting ITB on Wednesday the 14th, as part of this day the students will take a guided tour around the campus, they will get the opportunity to speak with the various schools regarding specific courses in ITB. Students will also attend targeted talks in relation to the various courses on offer in ITB.

 On Wednesday the 7th of November a group of 30 5th & 6th year business students attended a day in ITB called “Pathway to Success”, this programme targeted those interested in careers in Business and demonstrated the links between the various courses to the specific careers within industry.

Denis Leonard(Principal of Dunboyne College of Further Education) is coming to visit all 6th year students and LCA students over the coming weeks. Denis will inform them on the pathway to further education using the PLC route, Denis will also spend time talking to our students about the courses that are on offer in Dunboyne College of Further Education.

CAO is now open since November 5th, all guidance counsellors attended the CAO conference in the Glenroyal Maynooth on November 8th, and students will commence applying to CAO from this date.