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Parenting NI has developed a breakthrough programme for parents of teenagers. Independent research commissioned by the voluntary organisation has revealed that its Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen Programme is one of the most effective anywhere in the UK.
The teenage years are a notoriously anxious and difficult time for parents; suddenly your child can turn into a surly, irritable and wilful young adult, which can leave you feeling at a loss as to how to deal with this challenging new situation. Parenting NI understand the need for providing parents with support and guidance and their ground breaking Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen Programme aims to improve the parent/teenager relationship.
The Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen Programme has been developed to give parents more of an understanding of how to manage their teenagers. It is ideal for parents of young people aged 12-18 years old and sessions cover issues such as parenting styles, teen development, self- esteem, rules and consequences, conflict and problem solving. UNESCO chairman Professor Pat Dolan, NUI Galway, has spoken very highly of the programme, praising it as “one of the most innovative, parent-friendly and effective support programmes currently available, not just in Northern Ireland but internationally.”
Since its launch in September 2012, feedback from parents has been extremely enthusiastic. The programme has been shown to give a significant boost to parent’s mental health and helped to reduce stress in their parent/teenager relationship. An example of some of the comments received from parents who have attended the programme:
“During the course there was a great feeling of camaraderie. We were all in this together… we received our certificates for completing the course and I felt better equipped to handle the ups and downs of being a father to a teenager.”
“The information and research statistics were very informative and created a lot of ‘food for thought’ as well as the skills tips and advice that was given to us… We are very grateful that there is support out there and people like the trainer who genuinely cares for the parents and the teenagers. That was a definite feeling I got from the programme.”
TUSLA will be rolling out the Odyssey programme in Wellview Green Family Resource Centre beginning 23 January. If you feel you could use help and support in handling your teenager come along to this 8 week programme for practical tips and advice.
 To register please contact us on: Eva Notini 087 0509186 or Maureen O’Neill 087 0509560