Practical tips for parenting your son/daughter during the exams.

HCS / News / Practical tips for parenting your son/daughter during the exams.

Preparing for the Mock and state exams can be a stressful process

for the entire family. It’s normal for parents to be anxious about how

much their son or daughter is working and whether they’ll get the results

they need. Parents can, however, play a key role in helping their children

cope with exam stress. The following points below outline how parents can best support their child’s exam preparation.


Help to establish effective study & learning habits.

  • Help your child to plan their study schedule early and make study session.

  • a clear, realistic plan of what they want to achieve in each

  • Make sure your child has an environment conducive to

  • effective study: a quiet space with no distractions.

  • Remind your child to take short breaks in between chunks of study. Balanced routine

  • Help your child establish a healthy balance in their weekly routine, which

  • includes rest and relaxation as well as dedicated study times.

  • Proper sleep is extremely important. Encourage relaxation in the hour

  • before they go to bed.

  • Exercise and sport are highly beneficial habits for your child to get involved in.

  • A balanced diet, as well as adequate hydration, are key ingredients for all teenagers, let alone those studying for exams. Create a supportive atmosphere 

  • Your attitude is crucial. Your calmness creates a calm home.

  • Encourage, support, praise and affirm.

  • Ask them “Is there anything I can do for you?” If your child seems to be struggling, encourage them to talk about the issue concerned. Actively listening can sometimes be enough to support them.

  • The most important “A” is an “A” in EMOTIONAL HEALTH!!