Health and Safety Policy

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A copy of the school’s complete Health & Safety Policy is available from the school office.

  • Everybody in the school has a responsibility to ensure a safe working and learning environment. This includes not only management and staff but students and visitors. Parents are reminded that they too have a duty of care to ensure that their son or daughter does not act in a way that causes harm or injury to another person.
  • Students are well aware of what constitutes dangerous or harmful behaviour. The well being of all students is important to those of us who work in the school.
    A sophisticated CCTV system has been installed in the school and in the grounds for the safety and security of all students and staff.
  • Interfering with the school fire alarm system, intruder alarm system, security cameras, fire exit doors etc. in any way, is a serious offence. Sanctions apply.
  • Improper use of machinery or school equipment, without the authority, instructions and presence of a teacher is strictly forbidden.
  • Unsupervised use of practical rooms, sports hall, computer rooms, language laboratory, science laboratories is strictly forbidden.
  • Students must use the exit/entry gates/doors as specified by management and staff.
  • The use of school grounds, basketball courts, tennis courts is forbidden unless permission has been specifically granted by the principal.
  • We maintain the school buildings and grounds in very good repair. Should anybody be aware of any hazard, problem or difficulty you are duty bound to notify the school authorities so that remedial action can be taken to rectify the problems.

N.B. Parents and students please note your responsibilities and duty of care to others.