Junior Cycle

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All students who are offered a place will be arranged in classes of mixed ability. There are seven base classes whose names are chosen by their first year Year Head.

In Second Year students will be set in Higher or Ordinary Level English, Irish and Mathematics classes on the basis of

  • Teacher’s assessment.
  • Tests during First Year.
  • Consultation with Parents.


  • Development of emotional and social growth through Social, Personal and Health Education.
  • Development of physical growth through Physical Education.


The following subjects are compulsory for all students:

Irish, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, CSPE (Civic, Social & Political Education), PE, SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education), IT (Information Technology).
All students study a modern foreign language.

French, German and Spanish are available

Religious Education is provided for all students.

First Year students experience a sample of the option subjects below and choose two option subjects after the first term.

  • Visual Art
  • Business Studies
  • Wood Technology
  • Engineering
  • Technical Graphics
  • Home Economics
  • Music

The subject specifications for each subject is prescribed by the Department of Education and Skills and more information can be found at www.ncca.ie

Methods of Assessment

  • Continuous assessment in each subject throughout the year in the form of observations, verbal and written feedback, class tests and more.
  • Winter and Summer house examinations followed by school reports and Parent Teacher Meetings.
  • Classroom Based Assessments in Second and Third Year. The CBA calendar is available here.
  • Junior Certificate Examination at end of Third Year (Mock Junior Certificate exams in January/February).